Justice for Billy Strande stands to fight for and find justice for all inmates.

This is about corrections and parole issues.

Gathering information from you, the public, to raise awareness of consequences.

William James Strande (Billy) Jan. 20, 1989 – Nov. 19, 2020

William died in custody at KRCC (Kamloops) AFTER BEING INCARCERATED FOR LESS THE 21 HRS ….

To date the correctional system has provided the following:
1:00 pm Nov 19, 2020 Billy was placed on life support. WHY!! Why was he put on life support??

He was in there for less than 21 hours and they said that he hung himself with a plastic bag, then the story changed to a sheet. The story keeps changing, was it due to cardiac arrest?  We have tried to get more details but get no answers, there is a larger story here about the justice system with regard to Corrections, the Parole Board and Parole Officers in order to have inmates return to society.
We know that we’re not the only family experiencing this CODE OF SILENCE

Corrections Canada is mandated to keep family informed and part of any investigation  https://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/index-en.shtml That said, in this particular instance there was no valid reason for Billy to be in custody in the mist of COVID

Government Documents https://www.csc-scc.gc.ca/careers/003001-1103-eng.shtml outlines where the focus of a parole officer is supposed to be. Total focus on reintegration into society. They are to bend all rules to insure reintegration, SAFE REINTEGRATION. There is no protocol as every case is different. They must reach out to family and friends for guidance, when this is not done the results can be disastrous. ”The consequences of error ARE substantial and could result in increased risk to Client”.

Once an inmate is placed on parole any decision about your parole is 100% on the shoulders of the parole officer. There is no protocol…. If there is a personality conflict THEY have to reach out for help, not you ..

We need your stories of these conflicts.

We have to know if they talked TO YOU or they TALK AT YOU. Talking at you is not okay.

Billy wanted to reach out to At Risk Youth to make a difference.


Billy’s Notes on Mental Health

Written Oct 12, 2020
To the people who are or have a loved one dealing with mental health issues dont feel like you are alone but be careful who you reach to for help. Seek a person or group who have experience, knowledge and the proven results you are looking for. It may be comfortable to turn to family or others for help but a lack of experience in educated health studies can leave you feeling judged, alienated and taken advantage of. Please realize that even in covid times there is help but it is up to you to do the research, contact and follow through to find the proper health plan that fits your custom needs. It’s ok to be different. Being unique is what makes us important. Once we find balance you will find peace.
Parents with troubled youth, don’t blame your child for what could be given to them from you (mental health is hereditary) do not say you have tried everything if you haven’t taken the time to research and understand  a holistic approach to a child. Don’t assume jail or prison will fix your child’s actions. Tough love is proven to make things worse during mental health crisis. A cry for help in prison can take a year of paperwork. A failed suicide attempt is met with punishment and alienated embarrassment. You do the math….
If you or anyone is just having a harder time doing what is normal or if you are craving for a drink or social drugs seems a little bit stronger than others at work dont suffer in silence “socially” harming yourself every weekend. Please just take 5 minutes to research what seems to be hard for you. Only you can make your life better. But be careful who you ask for help.
To anyone I have ever hurt or offended in the past, I am sorry. To anyone feeling alone, embarrassed and passed all hope, I know you…. better than you think and I care. Please think of me before you throw your life away. I will listen and anyone who feels the system will fix your kids or that person’s fine because they are laughing at how drunk they were. Realize if we aren’t asking why, speaking out and educating each other we are the problem. Don’t be afraid of an awkward conversation. Don’t be afraid to be real.

Conversation with a Friend

I had a conversation with billy probably a couple weeks before he was arrested. Billy was very curious about if I knew, and how I felt about his P.O. Officer Mike. I let him know mike was Vons hockey coach the previous year and that is how we knew him. Billy said he was having issues with Mike, over the phone and in person. After that day’s conversation with Mike, Billy said he had to threatened to start recording the conversations he was having as mike was being very unprofessional and Billy was unsure what mike wanted from Billy. Billy seemed very confused with Mike’s overall attitude and requirements of billy. He did not seem to feel any connection with his P.O. Making it difficult to communicate and be successful in his current situation. In my opinion and in spending the time I did with Billy, he was very positive about his future, dreams and ideas. The only thing that seemed to bother him that I noticed those last few weeks was the lack of relationship he had with his P.O. Billy seemed to know this relationship was an important step in his new successful beginning, and the lack of understanding one and other was an issue.


Billy was raised to have principles which developed his character along with that he was tough he didn’t wear a costume to display it… he was just tough… at an early age he could fall off a horse but that didn’t hurt… he could crash his bike, that didn’t hurt, jump off the roof on his skateboard, that didn’t hurt, he was in his early teens when his principles kicked in …. he stood up for others because he knew he could take one for the team… the awkward looking fellow in Princeton that would hang with him so that others would not pick on him, the first time involving him with juvenile court because another young fellow was assaulting his girlfriend so billy tuned him… protect the girl… result record ..back in the day he would have got a pat on the back the young man would have been dragged back to his parents by the ear to be disciplined ..no billy was in juvenile court for assault… these principles although highly regarded can have a negative effect especially within the environment of the correctional system… the number of times billy stood up for others within the system only to suffer the ‘hole..ie’  first nations offenders, inmates with stab wounds placed in billy’s cell for his protection ..he had principles that maintained till the end… why then did he end up incarcerated… he became addicted… easy money ..at a young age coached by others much older than he… he was shown easy money… he did not look at the collateral damage it was the easy money ..when he got arrested he took responsibility… you got me… he always pleaded guilty ..you got me ..he was tough he could handle the physical part let me do my time ..looking over his shoulder during this time he started looking at the damage he was a part of… the collateral damaged caused and how it went against his principles .. thats when the big fight began because nobody would listen… in many phone calls to me he stated he doesn’t need a lot of money… he faced his addiction… he just wanted to get a message out to others that easy money comes with a huge price… it’s not worth it… he had a mission to stop it before it starts.. the big fight how do you communicate this when they don’t want to listen…William James Strande was now just a number.

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